Confront Tha Frontman

Confront Tha Frontman

Confront Tha Frontman


One of the most diverse artists you will come across, Confront Tha Frontman adapts his style and flow to anything you throw at him. With music ranging from everything from Reggae, to Trap, to House and even Old School Funk, Confront applies his talent and brings his music to another level.

This Wellington, New Zealand bred Rapper/Singer will keep you in check with his lyrical prowess, and a moment later have you vibing out to his mellow tunes. He attributes this talent to his upbringing of listening to such a diverse range of music.

As a member of the hip hop collective “On Point”, Confront is currently working on his first solo studio album “Front Street”, as well as featuring in collaborations with local and interstate artists.

Confront Tha Frontman, a name to definitely keep an ear out for!


Agency: Mayhem Entertainment


The artist

Nationality: New Zealand

Resident in: Australia